When it comes to tailored made metering and vending solution, we are your choice

We work our talk

At TIS&P dynamics solutions services, we don’t just talk and talk. We rather Boldly and Professionally work our talk. Once we say it, then we can achieve it

Our Services

Here at TIS&P Dynamics Solutions Ltd you are guaranteed to receive professional service from us. Here are some previews of the professional services we provide to our numerous clients.

Meter Installation

We have well trained and skillful installer which duties and responsibilities involve working to replace and test meters that monitor electricity flow into a home or business. They are trained to give professional technical advise too.


Our Product and services are directly procured from Hexing, a leading international company that guarantee durability and also cost effective products

Consultancy Services

Our provision of professional expertise and strategic advice on existing and current project with some of our competent and skilled managers

Energy Management

Collecting and analyzing continuous data. Identify optimizations in equipment schedules, set points and flow rates to improve energy efficiency

Vending Systems

Our online vending services offer the best you can which for such as: Auditing : Ease Revenue Collection Ease to use Planner: Recovery of recurring fixed expenses and arrears

Support Services

We render 24/7 support service to our customer both private and public sectors.

Why Choose Us


We are very loyal to our clients, and expect to get the best service from us irrespective of your size. We have confidently retained every clients that worked with us through the top notch services we are providing.

Result Oriented

We re result driven. We do not stop until we get the result right for you.

24x7 Support
24x7 Support

How support team are ready to respond to all your technical query needs.

Cost Saving
Low Cost

We pride ourselves in providing optimum services to our clients at low cost

Have Queries?

Do you have a question for us or considering engaging our service, you can talk to us.